Smile Music Bingo

Get more customers and sales into your Venue! 

Smile Music Bingo combines the greatest songs with the excitement of Bingo!


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 Start the party with Smile Music Bingo! 


Instead of normal bingo numbers, we play the best songs that get people jamming and singing along! 

Players listen to the music and mark the right songs on their mobile bingo cards. When a player gets the songs right they will shout "BINGO!" and then we might have a winner!


Anyone can join the game easily with their phone!  


 www.pubentertainment.png  COVID-19 FRIENDLY - MOBILE BINGO CARDS 

Play while socially distancing. Players can join easily with their mobile phones. 



You can run the game responsibly and keep safe distances during COVID-19 restrictions.






Smile Music Bingo is perfect for your venue if you want to...


 www.pubentertainment.png Increase sales and get more customers


 www.pubentertainment.png Stand out from your competition (one Pub per area)


  www.pubentertainment.png Make your customers come in weekly and stay in longer 


www.pubentertainment.png Appeal to a wide audience, everyone can play!



Why choose Smile Music Bingo?



www.pubentertainment.png Unlimited number of players with the same low cost


 www.pubentertainment.png New music and popular songs added each week


 www.pubentertainment.png Players can join the game with their mobile phones


 www.pubentertainment.png Check bingos automatically with a code


 www.pubentertainment.png Create custom music rounds to fit any music taste or theme



Customer case: Mary Barrys

Video shot before COVID 19 pandemic 




You can play the game also with traditional paper bingo cards!  


Want to know the pricing and more?  

  Get price list here


Want to know the pricing and more?  


  Get price list here



Photos taken before covid 19. Please follow goverment safety guidelines.




With Smile Music Bingo you will get:



 www.pubentertainment.png Unlimited number of players with the same low cost


www.pubentertainment.png  Your logos to the game

www.pubentertainment.png  Your own break offers to increase sales 

www.pubentertainment.png  Custom marketing material with you logos

www.pubentertainment.png  Full training and customer support


www.pubentertainment.png  Option to create your own music rounds 




 Customer testimonial:


East Village Bar & Restaurant, Cork


“We have been using Smile Music Bingo for about two years now. We took one of our midweek nights which was under performing and started Smile Music Bingo offering prizes & cash jackpot. This increased our footfall into the venue and also increasing the profitability of the night. 

We played Smile Music Bingo all threw the christmas, weekly on Thursday nights and what can I say apart from the fact it seems Smile Music Bingo has done it again! Bar sales have increased and along with it footfall and we had more than 100 players every Thursday night! 

I would just like to take the opportunity of thanking everyone at Smile Music Bingo for their support and to say I’m looking forward to the next 12 months”



Frequently asked questions:



Do I have to commit to a long subscription? 

We believe that Smile Music Bingo will bring your venue more customers, sales, and fun! That`s why there are no long commitments. You can cancel or pause your monthly subscription at any time. 


How do I arrange Music Bingo with social distancing during COVID-19? 

We recommend arranging events with social distancing. You can keep players seated during the Music Bingo events. Use mobile bingo cards to keep a safe distance and avoid physical contact. We also recommend following all government guidelines. 


How do I get customers to the events? 

We will provide an e-marketing material package for your venue. We can also help you with social media marketing and how to select the best day and time to launch the new events. Also to guarantee that you stay apart from your competition we will serve a limited number of venues in one area. 


How do I use the mobile bingo cards? 

Your players can join the game easily by getting a bingo card from our website. Players don't need to register or download any applications to play. Just remember to tell your players are you using weekly music rounds (default) or have you created your own custom music rounds.

NOTE: This feature is upcoming in summer 2021 and needs the latest software version 2.8.4.


What is needed to run Smile Music Bingo? 

All you need is a Windows computer, AV system, and a host. We recommend using TV screens for the visuals but the game can be played only with music. 


What I should give out as prizes? 

The better the prizes you give away the more excited the guests will be to come back. Prizes can range from free drinks to value vouchers.  You can also offer a Jackpot in the game if you want. 


Do I need a host for the events? 

If you don't have a professional host that is not a problem! Your host can be part of your own staff. The software has an "automated host" option and the events are very easy to arrange. You can of course use a professional host to guarantee a high-quality event and a good atmosphere.


How long does the event last?

One round of music bingo will last about 20-30 minutes. Usually, one night has four rounds and lasts about two hours in total. You can arrange shorter or longer events by selecting how many rounds you want to play.  



Want to know the pricing and more?  

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