What is Smile Music Bingo?


  Instead of normal bingo numbers, Smile Music Bingo plays the best songs that get you jamming and singing along! 


The game is simple. Listen to the music and mark the right songs to your bingo game sheet.


When you get all the songs right shout out: "BINGO!" And we have a winner!



How to play?



When arriving at a venue you will get a bingo game sheet.

 Usually, there are four rounds in one Music Bingo night.

The game starts from the first round, on the top left corner.


When the music starts to play, just mark down the right songs into your bingo sheet. 

Shout out "BINGO!" when you get the winning level right!

Notice that all songs are not found in your bingo sheet.


The game is also displayed from the TV:s or screens. 


You can find different tips from the game:

Vertical column (B.I.N.G.O) where the song appears on the game sheet

Name of the song or name of the artist



Winning levels


There are four winners in each Music Bingo round. 



1. Five songs right anywhere in the bingo sheet


2. One horizontal line anywhere in the bingo sheet


3. Two horizontal lines anywhere in the bingo sheet



4. A Full Ticket


The rules:


- The winner is the player that shouts out "Bingo!" the fastest and has the right songs 

- If the winner cannot be decided by speed, the host can decide the winner with a raffle

- One player can have only one bingo sheet (promotions can have more) 

- The prizes are handed out by the venue