Smile music bingo goes web-based during COVID-19 lockdown


Until recently our Smile Music Bing was played in hundreds of pubs and bars weekly all over Ireland, UK and Finland.

Players would listen to music at their local pub and mark the right songs to their game tickets. When a player gets the songs right they will shout "BINGO!" They would then get a prize!

However with the current social distancing rules in place, Smile Music Bingo our main product has been paused.



Introducing Smile Music Bingo online


As a temporary solution, pubs and event organizers can run Smile music bingo over zoom or youtube live. Players can then play the game from the safety of their own home on a mobile or laptop. We recommend players to add a bluetooth speaker for extra oomph.

Pubs will be able to connect with their customers by sending them a facebook invitation to play the game online. The game will help pub owners attract new and existing customers to their online takeaway service or simply keep the pub community alive when trading goes back to normal.


Smile Music Bingo Online, hosting instructions:

Host Smile Music Bingo Live over a communication platform such as Zoom, or youtube live. We recommend ZOOM.

All players taking part in your quiz will need to hear your voice and ideally also the sounds from your laptop.

Smile Music Bingo Live needs to be hosted from a laptop or Desktop computer and shouldn’t be hosted from a tablet.

The best option is to direct your players to your facebook page and explain to them how to view and take part in your Smile Music Bingo event using two devices.

Many pubs who are offering take away food are handing out the music bingo tickets when the customer collects the food or drinks specials. 

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