Smile Music Bingo - Training 


To reach the full potential of your events please go through the training videos before starting.


(It will only take 12 minutes in total)



Training videos: 


Video 1: How the software works? (3min)


Video 2: Menu and settings (1.5 min)


Video3: How to play the game (2 min)




Promoting your events 

Video 4: Marketing and promoting events (1.5min)



Help players to play with their smartphones!

Print out QR-code instructions before the event and place them on the tables. 



WEEKLY ROUNDS QR-CODE (click to enlarge)



CUSTOM ROUNDS QR-CODE (click to enlarge)





Extra: Technics


Video5: Technics and testing (2min)



We recommend also reading our support and FAQ page. Please read the most common questions before contacting our customer support.