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Downloading and installing the software


When you signup to Smile Music Bingo you will receive an email containing the download link.

You can also download the software from by logging in into your own page. 


If you have any problems please email us and we can send you an alternative download link.


 comodo ssl store167601443.png

Smile Music Bingo software has a safety certificate. A Comodo Code-signing certificate guarantees a high-security level. 


Code Signing certificates are used by software developers to digitally sign applications and software programs to prove that the file a user is downloading is genuine and has not been compromised. 


Code Signing provides authentication to assure customers that the file they are downloading is from the publisher named on the certificate. In addition, this also proves that the file has not been tampered with or hacked since it was signed.



You can download the software from your own page. You will also receive a download link to your email.


Just open the installer and press "more info" or "yes" if your computer asks permission to install.



We recommend also creating a shortcut of the software to your desktop. 


You can see a simple instruction video on how to install the software here:




You can play Smile Music Bingo basically on any Windows computer. But to ensure the best performance we recommend the following: 

OS: Windows 10

Processor: 2.0GHz dual-core processor or higher

Memory: 4GB RAM or higher

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon with 512MB VRAM or higher

Hard Disk: Minimum of 1 GB of free space


We also recommend shutting down other Softwares & updates when running the game. 


You can install the software on multiple computers.

You can also print out the bingo cards with any computer. Just remember that if you are using custom music rounds you will need to stay in online mode with both of the computers.

If you create custom music rounds and print tickets with one computer and then run the game with another computer, the software will automatically update the custom rounds. Remember you can only play the game with one computer at a time.  



Please go through the training videos and slides before contacting our customer service. The materials can be found on the website under training.



How to get started and software questions


How to get started: 


1. The first thing that is needed is an account to Smile Music Bingo.

You can create a new account free of charge. Just go to the signup page and enter your details. 


2. When you have created an account you will be given access to your own page.

From that page, you can find everything that is needed to run the events.


3. Before you can access all features of the software and arrange events you will need a license.

You can buy a license from your own page. The license will activate automatically after the payment. 


4. After you have activated your license you are ready to go!

If you are new to Smile Music Bingo please go through the training section before starting the events. 




When you signup to Smile Music Bingo you will receive your login and password into your email. 

You can also change your password from your own page or order a new password from the "Forgot password" -link if needed. 

The same email login and password works for your own page and for the software. 


Just enter your login and password to start the software. 

SMB login.JPG


If you have forgotten your login email or username, please contact us by email:



When you log in to Smile Music Bingo the software starts automatically downloading new music rounds and the graphics. After the download, the software will start much faster.

The download can take up to 1-5 minutes depending on your internet connection.


After the music has been downloaded the software works even without an internet connection. But we always recommend staying online.



You need an internet connection when you log in to the software.

After the music has been downloaded you can play the game even in offline mode. Remember that if you are creating custom music rounds, then you need the connection to download new songs.

If you are using multiple computers to print out tickets and to play the game, remember to stay online with both devices. The software will synchronize automatically between the computers if you create custom rounds.  


Yes, you can download the software from your own page and test out the demo. 

Just log in to the software and select the demo from the top right corner menu. 


Remember that all features are not available without a license.


About Smile Music bingo




The best Music Bingo software in the market! 


It’s just like regular bingo, but instead of shouting out numbers, we play the best songs! 

Players can get a bingo card from our website where traditional bingo numbers have been replaced with artists and song titles.

There are four new rounds of music each week but you can also select your own music for the rounds. These can be based on a decade, genre, or just a random quirky topic.

Smile Music Bingo is a fun-filled and fast-paced music game show from your screens!




There are four winners in each round of music bingo. 

The first winner is the player who gets 5 songs correct anywhere on the bingo card.

The second winner is the player who gets one vertical line correct anywhere on the bingo card.

The third winner is the player who gets two vertical lines correct anywhere on the bingo card.

The last winner is the player who gets a full ticket.


By default, there are four rounds in the bingo card. You can also choose how many rounds you want to play before starting the game.  




There are a few things that affect the length of the game.



The length of songs can be adjusted in the game between 20-40 seconds.

Also, you can select how long breaks you want to have between the rounds.

And of course, the number of players and possible "wrong" bingos can affect the duration. 

Rule of thumb would usually be that one round lasts about 20-30 minutes, so a full night of 4 rounds lasts about 2 hours.  




Before you can play Smile Music Bingo you will need to register to the service and buy a license. You can purchase a license from your own page at    


Here is how you play Smile Music Bingo - step by step


1. Login to the Smile Music Bingo -software (same login and password as in your own page)

SMB log in.JPG

2. Select music (weekly rounds or custom) and number of rounds you want to play (1-4 rounds)

SMB select music.JPG

3. Tell players to get a bingo card from our website 

STEP 2 round.png

4. Press "Start Music Bingo" and go through the rules and prizes (enter prizes also before starting) 

SMB starts.JPG

5. Before the round starts you can select if you want to use tips (Horizontal column, name of the song, and artist) and the length of the music clips (20,30 or 40 seconds).

SMB round settings.JPG

6. When a player shouts "BINGO!" press the "check"-button and enter the code from the bingo card.

SMB check.JPG

7. Hand out prizes to the winners 


8. Find all of the four winners and have a pause between the rounds. 




You will get access to your own page when you register for the service. 

You can manage everything that is needed to run your events from this page.

 You can log in to your own page from the "login" button.  


Own page.JPG


From the own page, you can find everything from marketing, training to manage your licenses. 



The better the prizes you give away the more excited the guests will be to come back.

 Prizes range from free drinks, 5 value vouchers, 10 value vouchers, Gift Cards, T-shirt’s, Chocolate, Tickets to sporting events, or underwear whatever you like.

 There are four winners in each round so many players will go home as "a happy winner" and tell their friends about it! 

You can also offer a "rolling" Jackpot in the game if you want. In the UK, you can sell the tickets and offer cash prizes. 



Is it legal to play with money? 


According to UK gambling commission Bingo can be offered on alcohol licensed premises without an operating license. However, the games must be for adults only and not be linked with games played on other premises.

Pubs must ensure that no participation fee is charged and they remain within the stake limit of charging a maximum of £5 per person, per game. 

You can read more here: Link

This applies to Pubs in the UK only. 



Arranging Music Bingo events


NOTE: The venue will need the latest version 2.9.2 of Smile Music Bingo to use the mobile bingo cards.


Using Smile Music Bingo`s Mobile bingo cards is easy. 


The players can download a unique bingo card from our website. 

No registration or application download is needed. 

The mobile card works directly from a web browser. 

We recommend printing QR-code links for the players:

Print info A4 here: Weekly rounds QR-code  /   Custom rounds QR code


STEP 2 round.png 


If you are using custom music rounds remember to tell the players that they download your venue's custom round bingo cards. 


The custom round bingo cards come available automatically after you create custom rounds with your Smile Music bingo software. 


The check code is shown on the lower right corner and the players can change the round number from the lower-left corner. 





Yes, you can use both printed and mobile bingo cards at the same time.

The bingo cards work with the same logic, and it doesn't matter which one you use.  

You can use either one or a combination of both. 



We recommend arranging events with social distancing.

You can keep players seated during the Music Bingo event and have a good distance between the tables and players.

Avoid any physical contact and take care of good hand hygiene.

The bingo sheets can be checked also without contact just by saying the code to the host.

You can also collect the player's contact information (write email & phone to the bingo sheet) to contact them in case of an infection.


We also recommend following all government guidelines to make the events safer. 




Here is a short checklist of what is needed:

- A host who will arrange the event 

- Smile Music Bingo -software

- Game tickets printed out and pens

- Four prizes to each round of Music Bingo



- Windows computer

- Internet connection (when logging in) 

- Sound system

- TV:s or screens (recommended but not mandatory)

- Printer (for game tickets) 




You can find your marketing materials from your own page.

We recommend to start promotion 2-3 weeks before your first events and to continue it weekly.

Remember to promote the events in your venue and social media. 

Please also check out the training part for marketing here:

TIP: The best and easiest promotion is to take some photos or videos from your events and adding those into your social media. 




Yes there is. You can download and print the checklist for your first events. We always recommend that you go through the training before running your first event.





You can print out the game tickets with any computer. Just select "Print game tickets" and choose your quantity. You can also print out more game tickets even during the game from the top right corner menu. 

Please don`t start the game while printing the tickets. Print the tickets first and start the game after printing.


TIP: If you cannot see the print button in the printing view just press "enter" on the keyboard.



If you have any issues with your printer, please check that your printer is connected, has ink & paper, and is working as normal. 

Also, remember that if you are creating custom rounds and printing with another computer you will need to stay online. 



 You have two option which music you want to use:

1. Weekly music rounds (mainstream music that changes every week)

2. Custom music rounds (you can select the music style and songs)


When you log in to the software you automatically download the new songs for that week.

The default setting is always four rounds of music bingo and using weekly music rounds. 


You can select how many rounds you want to play.

SMB how many rounds.JPG



You can also create your own custom music rounds by pressing "select music".


If you select custom music rounds, select the music styles for the rounds. 

SMB custom rounds.JPG


You can change the songs one by one after selecting the styles. 



When you have selected your music and printed out your game tickets you are ready to play the game.

Just press "start music bingo" from the main view. 


Check out also a short tutorial video:



You can adjust the volume level from the lower right corner. 




Also, you can change your computer's own volume settings if needed.



In the top right corner, you can find the game menu

See the video what is included:


SMB Main view.JPG



 There are different tips that can be used in the game to make it easier or harder. 


You can select these before starting the music round.

SMB round settings.JPG


Show B.I.N.G.O hints:

Shows on the screen the horizontal column where the song is found in the game ticket.


Show Artist name:

Shows the Artist name at the end of the music clip


Show Song name:

Shows the Songs name at the end of the music clip


You can also select the length of the music clips. 


Please check out the tutorial video:



Yes, you can change all the details by signing in to your own page.

Just select: "your details and licenses"

SMB starting date.JPG



If you change the day or time of your events remember to also create new marketing materials on your own page. 




Technical or software issues


If you have printed the bingo cards with another computer or you are using mobile bingo cards, you can still play the game. The software will ask you for confirmation before starting.  Just click "yes" to continue. 


If you have printed the bingo cards earlier you can still play the game by pressing "Yes". The game works both in online or offline mode.



We recommend that you always test your sound system and screens before arranging any events. 

If you have problems with your sound system we recommend first checking the sound settings from your computer. Normally if you use HDMI-cable to put the picture into your screens the music comes also from that source. If you are using a different sound system you will need to change the setting that the audio comes from your computer's own speakers. 

We recommend always using an AV-professional solving your technical issues. 

Smile Music Bingo does not provide technical support related to your venues AV-technics. 



Smile Music Bingo is designed to have a visual aspect. The game is shown on your screens. Normally the picture comes easily from the computer with HDMI-cable. 

Because every venue has a different setup with their technics, there is no one universal solution to these issues. 

We recommend using an AV-professional to set up your technics before the events. 

Smile Music Bingo does not provide technical support related to your venues AV-technics. 





Before printing game tickets from the software, please check that your printer is working as normal. 

Always remember to check that you have ink and paper and also that the printer is connected properly. 

Also, remember to check that your printer settings are in order. 

For further information, you google your printers troubleshoot or use your local technical support person. 


Smile Music Bingo does not provide technical support related to your venues printer.  



If you found a bug or an error on the software please send message to

Include a description of the issue. We will contact you for further information. 




If your game is interrupted for some reason (battery runs out, computer crashes, etc) you can continue the game by just reopening the software.


The software will remember where you have left

SMB continue.JPG


If you want to continue the game where you have left, just press "continue"


You can also restart that round from song one OR you can reset the whole game. 

Remember that RESETTING removes all custom music rounds and printed tickets and also goes back to the main starting view. 




If the software is not working or it is running very slow, we recommend first checking your computer. If you are using an older or a slower computer that can affect the gameplay. We recommend using a newer and more powerful computer. Also, the game is optimized for windows 10 so using older versions can slow down the game.

Remember also to check that you are not running multiple software on the computer at the same time.


If your issues continue after trying the software with a different (better) computer you can contact our customer support:


There can be many reasons why a computer may crash.

First, we recommend testing the performance of your computer by opening the "Task Manager" in Windows.

1. Open task manager (type into the search field: task manager)

2. Open processes or performance (while running the SMB-software) 


If you notice that your computer's memory, CPU, GPU, or Disk is running on 90-100% it might cause a crash. 

We recommend using a computer that is suitable for the minimum requirement. You can try changing to a more powerful computer.


If your computer crashes or runs out of battery you can continue the game by just opening the smile music bingo software again. The game will know where you have left and continue automatically from that point. 


If the problem continues, please send us a message to



Questions about the software


You can add your logo from your own page. If you edit the details from your own page always remember to press "Refresh license" in the software after adding any changes.  

Remember to use the right size (300 x 100px OR 500 x 250px) and format (png, jpg) for the logo. If you have problems adding it you can also send your logo to us by email Please provide us a good quality logo in jpg, png, or pdf -format. 

The logo will appear in the game view and into the game tickets.



You can edit the prizes and other settings from two places:


1. The software

Just open the setting from the top right corner and click "Prizes and break settings"

SMB Prizes.JPG



2. From your Own page at

 SMB OWN page pizes.JPG


If you edit the text from your own page remember to press "refresh license and software" from the software. 


Please check out the tutorials:




If you have selected your music and you want to change it, you will have "reset" the game. Remember that resetting the game will remove all printed game tickets and you will have to print out new ones. 

The reset option is found on the settings menu. 



You can restart the music round by clicking Reset & restart on the menu. Just remember to click "restart" and not "reset". 



The music rounds are updated once a week. The new music rounds are updated every Monday. If you stay logged in or don't restart software the old music rounds can appear on the system. You can easily update the software by selecting "license" from the menu and pressing "refresh license". Refreshing will update your music and your license.  



You can restart a Music bingo round by pressing "Restart round" on the menu. That means that the current round start again from song number one. 

By pressing "Reset" you will reset all selected music and start from scratch. So if you have selected the music and you want to change it, you can do it by resetting the game. Just notice that resetting the game also removes all printed tickets, so you will need to print out new ones. 



Firstly we recommend using Mobile bingo cards. This way the cards are always up to date. But if you are using paper bingo cards, we recommend printing out new game tickets for each game just in case. 

The software updates the music rounds each week on Monday. The old tickets will work on the same week on normal rounds but not in custom rounds. So the safest way is to print out tickets each time you arrange an event. 



When login into the Smile Music Bingo software the software version number is shown on the lower-left corner. 


If you have an old version and want to update it, please email us at: 



Questions about the license


You can buy a new license from your own page. If you buy a license from your own page always remember to press "Refresh license" in the software after the payment. The license can be paid by most credit cards. 


The own page feature is coming up soon. 


You also can contact us by email: and we can send you a new license. 



If you have a renewing monthly license, it will renew automatically. You will receive a confirmation email. 

If you don`t have a renewing license you can renew your license by signing in to your own page at

 You can also contact us by email


You can cancel or pause your license by contacting us

You can also cancel or pause your license from your own page at 

When canceling or pausing, notice that the monthly license is always valid until the end of the license month.

The existing license period is not refundable and unplayed rounds cannot be transferred to upcoming licenses.




In the monthly license, you are able to play a maximum of five Music Bingo events per month. That means 20 music rounds in total. One full night of music bingo includes four rounds. 

Notice that unplayed rounds are not refundable and cannot be transferred to upcoming months.



You can pay the license with any common credit card. We use a secure Stripe third-party payment solution to ensure that your payments stay safe. 





Yes, you can. Just send us your details and your preferred new pilot day with an email



Yes. Your venue needs Music licenses from your local Music-rights organization. For example, PPL and PRS in the UK.  You will need a license just like playing any other background music.

Your venue should always have an active music license when playing music bingo. 



Smile Music Bingo - Terms of use

1. The parties to the agreement

This agreement applies to the license holder (later Customer) and to Pub Entertainment with Smile (later Service provider). The customer is the company or organization using the service.


2. Duration of agreement

The license is valid for the period specified in the confirmation of order. The service includes Smile Music Bingo entertainment software, printable marketing materials, instructions, training, customer support, and game content. The duration of the license cannot be changed or postponed.


3. Responsibilities

Service provider responsibilities: customer service (business days), providing usernames, passwords, and online training. The service provider is also responsible for the maintenance, and contents of the software. Ther service provider is not responsible for the implementation of the customer’s events or hosts.

Customer Responsibilities: The customer is responsible for marketing, managing hosts, and arranging the events. The customer is responsible for internal information, prizes, and testing the software before the events. The customer is responsible for the operation of its own technology in the events (sound system and TV`s or screens).

The customer is responsible for the needed Music Rights -licenses in their venue. Before playing the game the venues must have an active music license with the local music-rights organization.


4. Data collection

Pub Entertainment with Smile respects the integrity of every person who visits the Smile Music Bingo website or uses their services. The privacy policy outlines how Pub Entertainment with Smile can collect information and utilize the collected information.

The purpose of processing personal data

If the pub provides their personal data for the software provider, it may be stored and subsequently processed to understand the user’s specific needs, and thereby improve software and services. The software provider or the customer may use the information to contact the user and/or can offer third parties non-identifiable personal data about visitors to website. The processing of personal data is based on the legitimate interest of the software provider or the consent given by the data subject.

The software provider collects information from the software end-users. This information can include contact details and other game
data (example: date played, customer count, etc) which is needed to maintain the service. The information is handled and used according to privacy policy.

The customer agrees that the software provider has full use of the collected information. The end users can be contacted by email, post, phone or internet during and after the contract period.
Customers (Pubs) need to register their information to use the software. The customer is given a unique login and password to use the software. Usernames can only be used by individual venues.


5. The authorized use of the service

The service provider’s downloadable content to the software is only for the license holders (customer) use. Content and the software can only be used by one customer what is agreed upon in the order confirmation. All other use of the content and software is strictly prohibited. Content may not be transferred under any circumstances to a 3rd party without service provider approval. The service usernames and passwords are confidential. Abuse of the service will lead to compensation for damages. For example, abuse can
be considered as the presentation of the content more than one license holder. Content copying or transmission of content to a 3rd Party without service provider approval is prohibited.


6. License (cancellation or refunds)

The monthly license includes the number of rounds that is stated in the confirmation of order. The customer has the right to use the rounds in one month period. If the customer doesn't use all of the rounds in the monthly period, the license is still paid in full. Unused rounds cannot be transferred for upcoming months.

The monthly license can be canceled or paused. If the license is canceled, the license period and payments will stop at the end of the ongoing license month. When a license period has started it is not refunded.
Other license types can be canceled with one month cancellation time. The cancellation time is not refundable.


7. Disclaimer statement

In no event shall the Software provider be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the customer’s access or use or inability to access or use the Service. The service provider assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents of the Service.
The Service provider reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents on the Service at any time without prior notice.

The software provider owns all intellectual rights and copyrights to the software and service.
The software provider is not responsible for any technics related issues of the end-user. The customer is responsible for all hardware and techniques needed to run the software.

The software provider is not responsible for any event arranging related matters. The customer is responsible for all event-related matters such as: hosting events, marketing, informing staff, prizes, and other event matters.

Training for the software is provided only from the website and customer care is limited to business days.
The service provider is not responsible for any issues in the software that are related to technical or user-based problems. The customer is given technical specifications and online training for using the software.

All possible reclamations related to the software and service are handled in Pub entertainment customer support. The handling time is one week or more depending on the issue.

The software provider is not responsible for any financial loss that can result from cancellation or other event-related reasons.

The software provider is not responsible for any issues or cancellations that can result from a force majeure or other unexpected circumstances. These could include cases like health epidemics (example coronavirus), cyber attack, cloud server failure, natural phenomena, strikes, war or mobilization, government or other official order, and other related matters.

The customer is responsible for the needed Music Rights -licenses in their venue. Before playing the game the venues must have an active music license with the local Music-rights organization.




If you have any other questions please contact us by email: